The Worthless Check Unit is a free service offered to merchants of Etowah County to provide for the collection and distribution of restitution to the victims of worthless checks. Please contact us at (256)549-5360 if you have any questions.

Criteria for Filing a Worthless Check Complaint
In order for the Worthless Check Unit to accept a worthless check for prosecution, the following criteria MUST be met:
  1. The transaction in which the worthless check was presented must have taken place in ETOWAH COUNTY, ALABAMA. A worthless check mailed from another locale (including another state) may be referred to the WCU if it was mailed/delivered to Etowah County.
  2. All worthless checks MUST be referred to the Worthless Check Unit no later than ONE YEAR from the date on the check.
  3. In order to file a complaint with the Worthless Check Unit, the check(s) in question should be stamped either “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” (NSF) or “CLOSED ACCOUNT” (also “NO ACCOUNT FOUND”).
  4. The check must be written for a thing of value.
  5. If a partial payment has been accepted by the victim, the Worthless Check Unit CANNOT accept the check in question for prosecution.