The James M. Barrie Center

The Story.

The James M. Barrie Center for Children, often referred to as the Barrie Center, is a United Way agency serving all of Etowah County. Our funding is provided through federal, state, local county and community grants, community donations, agency fundraisers and individuals focused on providing services to children who have been traumatized. All services are provided free so that income is never a barrier to traumatized children receiving the services they need to heal from abuse. The Barrie Center provides forensic interviews, trauma focused therapy and support and advocacy to children under 18 and their families who have been victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse and/or child witnesses to violent crimes.

Our Mission.

The Barrie Center mission is to provide a child friendly center for the facilitation of a multidisciplinary team response for the investigation and intervention of child sexual and/or physical abuse as well as criminal neglect in child death cases. The Barrie Center provides support and advocacy through the process of investigation, intervention and the judicial process.
The James M. Barrie Center opening

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605 South 4th Street Gadsden, AL 35903

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