Worthless Checks

The Etowah County District Attorney’s Worthless Check Unit was formed to collect restitution for victims of worthless checks. The unit assists businesses and individuals who receive insufficient funds and account closed checks.

The Worthless Check Unit is a self-funded service of the District Attorney’s Office. There is no charge to victims to use our service. When the bad check writer fails to pay through our office, we assist with the prosecution.

If you are a victim of a worthless check, and you want the assistance of the District Attorney’s Office, certain guidelines must be followed for a warrant to be issued.

When an insufficient funds check is received, you must first send the check writer a notice by certified mail, return receipt requested and allow ten days from receipt of letter for payment. A sample letter “Dishonored Check Notice” is available from our office or can be downloaded at the link below.  Where the check was written from an account closed, notice may be sent, but is not required.

The certified notice letter must be sent to the person who signed the check. It is necessary to use the address exactly as it is on the check.

For further information you can contact Michelle Yancey at 256-549-5363



Merchant Guidelines for Obtaining a Worthless Check Warrant

Dishonored Check Notice